Who doesn’t want a genuine Louis Vuitton bag?



I, myself wants to have a genuine Louis Vuitton bag, because nowadays many fake prototype of the said bag were already out in the market. But if you would compare it side by side, you would notice the difference, the fake ones had a rough leather and the zipper is very loose and after a while you would see that it’s beginning to rust off.  On the other hand, some people do not have enough money to purchase such an expensive bag.


 But if I were them, I would still choose to buy the real thing because of three reasons: One, for example you have the monogram canvas (speedy 25). You could pair it with anything, a nice set of jeans, a cute little dress or even a pair of shorts. Second, you could use it for a long time and you could tell that the appearance of the bag would be the same as the first time you bought it and lastly you know deep within yourself that you own the real thing not just some fake that you can buy from sidewalk market (“tiangge” and “divisoria”).. It feels good when you bump into someone who has the same bag but she noticed that the bag you are carrying was genuine and hers was just an imitation. I swear to myself that if I could have a Louis Vuitton bag, It would be the real one…



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